St. Mary of Lourdes Ministries
We will list mission statements and goals for the various ministries on this page. Any group or affiliated organization within the parish wishing to have their own separate page to add a more complete schedule of upcoming events, meeting minutes, photos, please contact Father Todd.



The mission of the Parish Council shall be:
To promote growth in faith for parishioners and the community at large and heighten ecumenical awareness
and participation by:
* Creating opportunities for evangelization in the parish and the community.
* Providing opportunities for parishioners to express their ideas and concerns, thus promoting involvement
in the life of the parish.
* Maintaining and improving parish facilities.
* Promoting meaningful out-reach activities for our entire Catholic community, with careful attention to the
special needs of our youth, our elderly, tourists and summer visitors.
* Supporting and enhancing the spiritual and liturgical life of the parish.
* Promoting and insuring the financial stability of the parish.
* Be advisory group to the Pastor....................
(Meetings will be announced. All parishioners are welcome to attend.)



Education & Sacramental Preparation
Mission Statement Religious Education: The mission of the Religious Education Program is to provide leadership and service which shall aid and enhance the faith development of the youth. Also to respond to the faith needs of the Catholic communities.

Liturgical Ministries
Mission Statement of Liturgy Committee We will follow diocesan guidelines to assure good liturgies that appear to flow effortlessly. We will do this by providing schedules and training for Eucharistic Ministers, Proclaimers, Ushers, Music Ministers, etc. and plan specifics for all Masses and any other liturgical services that take place. We will also provide guidelines and make known any requests for special liturgies to the Liturgical Decorating Team who will then take care of the decorating itself.

Mission Statement on Evangelization for Parish Renewal and Parish Outreach Program
The main purpose of the Evangelization Committee is:
To help the parishioners and staff understand, and act upon the truth that the parish community "exists in order to evangelize," and that all of its activities should be directed towards this end.

To help the parishioners and staff create the environments, structures, and programs which will serve to make
ours an evangelizing parish particularly those programs which provide for:
* Outreach into the community with the Gospel message.
* The follow-up necessitated by that outreach.
* The means for people either to return to the Christian community or take the initial steps into becoming a member of the Christian Community
* Establish a welcoming program for new parishioners.
* Establish a bereavement committee for home visits.
* Continue our program for bringing the Eucharist to the sick and homebound on Sunday.
* Get names of parishioners who have left the church; try to renew their desire to return.

Parish Outreach Program:
If you know of someone who would like Communion brought to them please let us know.

Parish Outreach for the Elderly
St. Mary of Lourdes (M): Parish Office 753 2332
St. Mary of Lourdes (BP): Rita Marsh

Service Organizations...
Mission Statement for Altar & Rosary Society
The foremost purpose of this society is the personal sanctification of its members by a greater love, devotion and reverence for the Altar, which represents God and His Church, and for the Rosary, which represents Mary, the Mother of God.
*The members shall assist the Pastor in the care of the linens and other garments necessary for Divine Worship.
*The members therefore will lend their time and energy to the upkeep, beautification and cleaning of the Altar & Sanctuary.
*The members shall strive to promote a greater love and devotion to the Rosary by the recitation of the Rosary each day and by the Family Rosary.
*The members shall practice, in an exemplary way, the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy, and in a most special manner toward their members.
Upon the death of an Altar & Rosary member, a Mass shall be offered. The members will attend the wake as a body to recite the Rosary. A Mass will be offered annually for all the deceased members of the Society.